Anna Allevi & Stefano Guidi

piano four hands

Journey between music and images in the wonderful world of cinema

Cinema as you’ve never heard it!

Music and cinema: a long, complex, articulated relationship, dating back to the origins of cinema itself, when, at the Salon Indien, Pierre and August Lumières gave life to the first public showing ,on 28th December 1895.

Even though officially he was not featured on the advertising poster, many witnesses remember that, behind the curtain where the first images in movement were flowing, a pianist was playing background melodies, as to underline what was going on on the screen.

In the concert " suona!", the piano execution of some very famous soundtracks, carefully adapted by the two artists, is accompanied by the showing of images which melt with the original soundtracks, modifying them, adapting them, even re-writing them for a new spectacular context, moved by suggestions created by the music: while the screen makes images come alive, the piano gives expression to their echo.

Images get animated, they dissolve and then they come back to tell stories again: love, death, goodbyes, madness, or just glances between screen and piano.

This is a real lesson of music and cinema.